Open your Puro&Bio

Starting an activity is a complex and exciting path.
In 2010, Puro & Bio embarked on its path by opening its first ice-cream parlor.

Today Puro & Bio has 6 points of ownership and about 30 points affiliated.
This presence on the market and with the public is still the stimulus and the most solid guarantee of the constant evolution of our format.
Puro & Bio attaches great importance to the sustainability of the business, coming out of the onerous logic of the franchise, proposing itself as a partner of an innovative model focused on your person, your skills and needs.

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The Puro & Bio staff will follow you in the adventure of a new store or in the conversion of an existing one through:

    It is the first fundamental step.
    You will be flanked to choose the most suitable room according to some important features:
    Analysis of the area and of the reference catchment area visibility and accessibility of the structure;
    Functionality of internal and external spaces;
    Cost sustainability;


    They represent the motor of the ice cream shop. They have always been very important for us to be able to give maximum quality to the work and contribute to the design that identifies all the Puro & Bio points.
    The introduction of every machine and equipment is designed to optimize and add value to our particular and unique processing method.


    It is the compass that allows us to program all phases of the activity. It is an instrument of cost analysis that over the years we have refined in our direct points and that still allows us to transmit the economic reality of the activity to our associates through actual and verified data. Management control allows for informed choices, a consistent construction of objectives and continuous optimization of activities.


    It is the decisive moment of the journey and takes place in our ice cream shop / school in Forli. It’s a path just dedicated to you, 3 weeks where a personal tutor will follow you during the various phases of the working day. The aim of the training is to make you independent in the complete management of your new Puro & bio starting from the production of ice cream, confectionery and bakery products, communication and sale to the public, management of personnel and suppliers.


    By opening a Puro&Bio gelato parlor you will have the exclusivity on the brand and on all our products in your area.
    The continuous research on organic raw materials and superfoods will guarantee you of have a unique product on the market. All with the organic certification of CCPB


    Once you have identified your new Puro & Bio shop, we will move on to:
    Prepare the layout of the laboratory and sales area;
    Support you in the relationship with the local authorities in order to create a functional and welcoming place in full compliance with the regulations;
    Give you furnishing solutions and new ideas to personalize your ice cream shop.


    For all of us the future is today, acting now is a duty. For our gelato we use 100% compostable and recyclable packaging. Puro&Bio supports the NGO Pozos: through the sale of our water in brick we help build wells that bring drinking water to the poorest places on earth. Our commitment to a world free from plastic and waste and where resources can be available to all


    It is the most important value that makes us strong on the market. The opening of a new Puro & Bio is a starting point for a stable collaboration through continuous meetings and assistance to all members. All this makes Puro & Bio a partner with whom to share experiences, demonstrate needs, solve problems and analyze future market trends. The constant comparison in the field is an incentive for us to always seek the best efficiency of the format and we think it can be the best guarantee of development.


    For us, innovation has always been a value to strive for, which is why we give more and more importance to online communication, designed and targeted to our market segment. A good tested digital marketing strategy leads us to achieve excellent results without exaggerated investments through a shared monthly program, rich in content and materials available to all points of sale. But that’s not enough! Puro&Bio is now also present online with an App and a dedicated e-commerce where each associated gelato shop can promote their products, deliver gelato at home or book in-store pickups.